Communion in the Hand
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On Sept. 1, 1972, Our Lord said to Professor Albert Drexel: “Know: The measure of the love of God is gauged by the measure of reverence to the mystery of My Eucharistic Presence, and the manner and degree of love of the holy sacrifice, which is the mysterious but truly unbloody renewal and sacramental remembrance of the one and only bloody sacrifice on the cross. Hear My cry: Sacrileges multiply among the faithful, who take the sacrament like ordinary bread in the hand, and with it, they are not aware that this bread is no longer bread, but My Body, Flesh and Blood; it is My unbloody presence! Woe also to this sin! My great Apostle Paul said: He who does not distinguish the body of the Lord from ordinary food, eats and drinks judgment to himself. Why have so many people, in receiving My body in the hand, lost respect toward the Blessed Sacrament?”

Further Messages About Communion in the Hand

On June 4, 1976, Our Lord said: “But alas, love of My presence in the miraculous Sacrament has died in so many priestly hearts. Therefore, the number of daily profanations does not mean anything to them, since the introduction of Communion in the hand. My woe to those who turn away from the Blessed Sacrament!”

On Dec. 3, 1976, Our Lord said: “Do not thousands and millions of God's people go to the table of the Lord like an ordinary table of daily bread, because their priests have not given to these people the example of reverence. Shocking is the word of My Apostle Paul, who said: He who does not distinguish between the body of the Lord and ordinary food, eats and drinks judgment to himself. This word is irrevocably true, and the judgment will be terrible.”

On Sept. 7, 1973, Our Lord said: “The spirit of degradation and treason passes over to many faithful people, who go without reverence – as if they were going to a worldly affair – to receive Holy Communion, and they become guilty before the judgment. If they would only think of My Holy Virgin Mother Mary, and realize with what pure, deep and fervent reverence She received Me from the Holy Ghost, Me the Son of God, in the hour of the Incarnation – then they would feel regret and return to Me! Ponder with what unspeakable respect My servant, Mary of Jesus of Agreda, wrote about it in the works of her revelations.”

Reverence of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The reverence with which the Virgin Mary received communion is manifested in the following passage from The Mystical City of God:

This administration of baptism was continued on that day until all were baptized, although there were about five thousand to receive it. While the baptized were making their thanksgiving for this admirable blessing, the Apostles with all the disciples and the faithful spent some time in prayer. All of them prostrated themselves on the ground, ador-ing the infinite and immutable God, and confessing their own un-worthiness of receiving Him in the most august sacrament of the Altar. In this profound humility and adoration they prepared themselves more immediately for Communion. And then they recited the same psalms and prayers which Christ had recited before consecrating, imitating faithfully that sacred function just as they had seen it performed by their divine Master. Saint Peter took in his hands the unleavened bread, and, after raising up his eyes to heaven with admirable devotion, he pronounced over the bread the words of consecration of the most holy body of Christ, as had been done before by the Lord Jesus (II Cor. 11:24). Immediately the Cenacle was filled with the visible splendor of innumerable angels; and this light converged in a most singular manner on the Queen of heaven and earth, and was seen by all those present. Then saint Peter consecrated the chalice and performed all the ceremonies, which Christ had observed with the consecrated body and blood, raising them up for the adoration of all the faithful. The Apostle partook himself of the Sacrament and communicated it to the eleven Apostles as most holy Mary had instructed him. Thereupon, at the hands of saint Peter, the heavenly Mother partook of it, while the celestial spirits there present attended with ineffable reverence. In approaching the altar, the great Lady made three profound prostrations, touching the ground with her face. She returned to her place, and it is impossible to describe in words the effects of this participation of the holy Eucharist in this most exalted of creatures. She was entirely transformed and elevated, completely absorbed in this divine conflagration of the love of her most holy Son, whom She had now received bodily. She remained in a trance, elevated from the floor; but the holy angels shielded Her somewhat from view according to her own wish, in order that the attention of those present might not be unduly attracted by the divine effects apparent in Her. The disciples continued to distribute holy Communion, first to the disciples and then to the others who had been believers before the Ascension. But of the five thousand newly baptized only one thousand received Communion on that day; because not all were entirely prepared or furnished with the insight and attention required for receiving the Lord in this great sacrament and mystery of the Altar. With regard to the manner of Communion in that day, the Apostles observed the distinction of giving to the most holy Mother and the one hundred and twenty, upon whom the Holy Ghost had come, both species, of bread and of wine; but the recently baptized partook only of the species of bread. But this differ-ence was not made because the new faithful were less worthy of the one species than of the other; but because the Apostles knew, that in either one of the species they received the same Object in its entirety, namely the sacramental God; and that there was no precept, and like-wise no necessity that each one receive both species. They considered, that there would be great danger of irreverence and other very grave inconveniences to permit the multitude to partake of the species of the blood, while this was not to be feared in the Communion of the few, who then partook of them at that time.


On Dec. 3, 1976, Our Lord said: “The great disaster in My one and true Church is the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament, because it has gained ground in the whole world since the council of the popes John and Paul, and it provokes the anger of God. My blessing be with those who have preserved, and still do preserve, faith and reverence before the Blessed Sacrament. This blessing is eternal, and cannot be expressed by words nor comprehended with the senses.”

• Cardinal Canizares calls for Communion on tongue, kneeling (CNA)

In 2012 the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship strongly endorsed the practice of receiving Communion on the tongue, while kneeling. Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera told the Catholic News Agency that the traditional posture is a “sign of adoration that needs to be recovered.” When Catholics receive Communion while standing, they should show their reverence with a bow, the Spanish cardinal said; but in practice few people do that. He said: “I think the entire Church needs to receive Communion while kneeling.”

On March 29, 1969, Our Lord said to Madre Concepción, a Franciscan religious in Mexico City: "Write. Do not keep to yourself, My daughter, neither through fear nor through human respect, what I spoke to you on Sunday, the second day of this month at Holy Mass." The things Our Lord told me that day are the following. That morning I was walking to the Church of San Francisco (on Madero Ave.) and Jesus said to me: "Hurry! You have to shout very loudly!"

"What, Lord?"

"Many things. Tell everything to everyone. Do not keep anything to yourself, for I do not tell you things for yourself, but for My Church. Send it to your bishop, and let him send everything to My beloved Vicar."

"What things, Lord?"

"Everything I have told you and what I will tell you from now on."

When I heard such an order, I feared it might be the devil and that it was auto-suggestion and that is why I dared to ask His Divine Majesty for proof, proof He gave me immediately. (I may not make this proof known because it is exclusively a matter of conscience.) Immediately afterwards, when I was in church hearing Holy Mass, Jesus deigned to tell me a formula of how Holy Mass should be heard at present, within the forms that have been made to it. I will make this known later, because it is urgent that I send out this sheet now. Well, during Mass, at the time of the memento of the dead, Jesus told me this:

"Tell them it disgusts Me that they receive Communion standing and without reverence. Those who receive Communion cynically, giving bad example, the women without veils and naked, offend Me. Tell them that soon fire will come down from Heaven if they do not amend, and they will be burned alive and will be condemned. Because, how will those bodies enter to rejoice on the day of the resurrection, that here below took delight in filth, the filth of sin and of provoking others to sin? It is not right for them to receive Communion standing, nor should those who have received Communion stand, nor should they receive the blessing except on their knees! You must go devoutly to the Table of Communion."

It is very interesting to make known the following that His Divine Majesty also deigned to reveal to me at the time of Holy Mass, at the memento of the dead. He said to me then:

"Now is when you should ask for the eternal rest of all those who have died and have not been able to enter Heaven, held back by their sins. I ask suffrages for those souls! But tell My priests they must say Mass out of devotion and not for money, because I am tired of their avarice and their commercialism." [ ]